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Keep Your Home Free of Ticks and Fleas

Call the pest control experts in Boynton Beach, Hollywood & Fort Lauderdale, FL

Having pets in your home can bring so much joy, but they can also bring ticks and fleas. At AAA Assassin Enterprises, LLC, we have the expert exterminators to kick those pesky pests to the curb. Our tick removal service starts with the inspection and identification of the ticks, followed by the proper procedures needed to treat the infested area.

To learn more about our tick removal service, call us today at 954-226-6335.

Remove ticks and fleas now. Keep them out forever!

At AAA Assassin Enterprises in Boynton Beach, Hollywood & Fort Lauderdale, FL, we not only offer flea removal service to take care of the immediate issue but we also provide pest control for long after the initial treatment. Choose our exterminators because:

  • We have 25 years of experience
  • We use advanced tick removal and flea removal techniques
  • We offer free estimates

When you’re in need of tick and flea removal services in Boynton Beach, Hollywood & Fort Lauderdale, FL, or the surrounding areas, call us immediately!