I have been using AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control for over a year now to spray my house and my lawn. My house has remained bug-free, and my lawn is fuller and greener than any other home in the entire community. You can visually see the difference along the property lines. Rick is very professional and reliable. I highly recommend his company for these services.

- Robin W.

I have been using this company for a while now, and they are extremely reliable and get the job done. We have used them for a termite issue, and they also installed us an amazing mosquito system that works great. I highly recommend. 5 stars all across!!!

- Levanna C.

Rick and his team were very professional and knowledgeable. Before I found Rick, I was jerked around by other pest companies who were quick to suggest I tent my home for termites. I have two young babies and pets at home and tenting with all those nasty chemicals were my last option. Rick offered an intelligent and safe solution and did a “no tent” treatment. His work is guaranteed for 5 years, KILLS and TREATS the problem. I am glad we went with AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control, and I am very happy with his work. Thank you! I will be recommending rick to my clients and friends.

- Amanda K.

Best exterminator! Only one who gets rid of the bugs!

- Laura C.

Great company! Rick (the owner) is a great guy! He really knows his stuff; you won’t be disappointed! I highly recommend him for all of your pest control needs! He is highly qualified to do the job right!!!!!

- Alise B.

Top-notch service at an affordable price! Thanks for everything, Rick! Highly recommend.

- Craig B.

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll call the best with excellent service and good prices.

- Jeanphilippe G.

Awesome company that is accommodating, professional, and knowledgeable. We bought our house 2 years ago, and AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control called us to let us know that our house was previously treated for termites and is due for an annual inspection. This year, we have rats, and they were able to take care of the inspection as well as the rats. I can’t say enough about this company! I will continue to use them as long as possible.

- Ryan B.

I called AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control over to get rid of some unwanted pests. The home feels safer already. I have seen a dead one and 1 live one running for its life. Thanks so much to the AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control team. They were on time and friendly. I would do business with them again and also recommend them. Overall, a good experience.

- Robert W.

Termites were swarming in my kitchen of my house when I got home from work all around the light! I picked up the phone and called AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control, and very quickly, they made it out to my house to take care of the issue! I’d like to thank Rick Pellegrini and AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control for your hard work, dedication, and so much more! I would definitely recommend AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control to anybody who needs pest control services!!

- Peter N.

Fast service and great price. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks again.

- Larry F.

Thanks for saving for my car from the hostile takeover of palmetto bugs. I will never call another exterminator again!

- Lauren M.

I highly recommend AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control; best service in and around Miami!!

- Grecia A.

Great service and fast! Rick is the one to call!

- Felicia O.

I met Rick from the buyer’s agent, Melissa, on a deal I closed in Sunrise. He replaced all the exterior facia & treated the prior termite damage of that property. He did an excellent job for my client, so then I referred him to treat the termites in my parents’ rental property in Seasons of Boca. His service was excellent & exceeded all expectations. He treated all the furniture & the property itself for termites & also gave us a warranty. I will refer him to my future clients, friends, and family. Thank you, Rick!!

- Ali K.

I noticed swarming termites on my dining room ceiling at 5:00 a.m. I reached out to AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control for assistance. Rick returned my call at 8:00 a.m. that day. I was relieved when he told me that we did not need to tent the house. Most importantly, due to a cancellation, Rick was at the house at 12:30 p.m. the same day to perform the extermination procedure. He was able to explain step by step and show me vulnerable areas. I recommend the 5-year warranty, so he can monitor the problem annually. Very friendly guys, affordable, and he was knowledgeable. Thanks again!

- Terra D.

AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control is amazing! I have 3 kids, and we had an ant issue. I called him on a Sunday morning in a panic. The Assassin was at my house in an hour. He was also so good with the girls, explaining everything he was doing. We haven’t had a bug since! I highly recommend!!!!

- Michele E.

Great service and on time. Rick is an amazing person.

- Benjamin Z.

I’ve used AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control for my clients in the past, and I must say that he is friendly, punctual, affordable and delivers what he promises.

- Danny B.

For superior pest control service, call AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control. Professionalism at its best, quick response and NO BUGS.

- Rose S.