Home Termite Inspection, Fort Lauderdale, FL

We know what to look for when performing a home termite inspection.

Although some termite species leave evidence of their presence behind, many are good at remaining hidden and covering their tracks, making it very difficult to know when these destructive pests are living on your property. Termites can do extensive damage because they feed on the cellulose found in wood. In order to sustain themselves and their colonies, these insects will chew through any wood they can find, including the framing of a house or a deck used for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Dampwood termites look for moisture-damaged wood, such as logs or wood piles.

Home Termite Inspection in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Since termites are so good at staying hidden, it’s recommended that every property owner in an area where these insects are present schedules a routine home termite inspection. Having your home inspected for termites by a professional technician can help you know whether these damaging creatures are silently wreaking havoc on its structural integrity. When termites go undetected, they can hollow out or destroy wood, potentially leading to the complete collapse of the structure.

Our experienced pest control technicians can perform an annual home termite inspection at your Fort Lauderdale, Florida property. We know what to look for when performing a home termite inspection, as we have more than 35 years of experience in the industry. If we spot any warning signs of termites, we’ll immediately put together a treatment plan to get rid of them. Additionally, we’re available to perform any repairs needed to restore your property to its pre-infestation condition. Our home termite inspections are complimentary, so contact us to schedule yours today.