Subterranean Termites Are Not the Only Wood-Destroying Pest

There is no argument that if you live in a region where subterranean termites thrive, you need to employ termite control measures that provide consistent protection for your home. However, don’t be complacent and think that they are the only pest species you need to be concerned about. There are actually many different types of wood-destroying pests, and some of them might be more active in your region than you realize. Here are a few to learn about, although not all of them are an issue in Florida.

  • Various beetle species- Bark beetles, roundheaded wood borers, flatheaded borers, ambrosia beetles, hylotrupes, and powderpost beetles are all interested in wood, although most are content to stick to trees and damaged wood.
  • Carpenter bees- It is understandable to want to preserve honey bees, but you don’t want to let carpenter bees attack your home. Not only can they cause a lot of damage, but when woodpeckers go after the grubs, they’ll do their own share of damage. In addition, once the grubs have exited, taking a lot of wood with them to get out, the space could be inhabited by other destructive pests.
  • Carpenter ants– Unlike subterranean termites that can be found in urban areas, carpenter ants are more common in forested areas. In addition, they don’t bother sound wood as they prefer the softness of damp or rotting wood instead, which is easier to make tunnels in. If you have a water damage problem, however, carpenter ants could accept the invitation.
  • Horntails- Horntails are wood wasps that will drill a hole in wood to lay their eggs. The good news is they stick to unhealthy trees.
  • Cossidae- The cossidae are also referred to as carpenter millers. These are moths whose larvae bore into trees – thankfully, not houses!
  • Other termite species- Subterranean termites are not the only type of termite. There are drywood termites, dampwood termites, conehead termites, and formosan termites in various areas of the country.

Before you get too concerned about the potential for all of these wood-destroying pests to show up at once and begin demolishing your home, know that our knowledgeable team at AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control stays up to date about the species that are concerning in our area. We offer termite control services for subterranean, drywood, and dampwood termites. Reach out today to schedule a home termite inspection to be sure you don’t have a termite issue and get started with termite control services so that you have peace of mind you won’t in the future.

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