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How To Get Rid Of Dampwood Termites?

One of the more significant types prevalent in the US is the Dampwood termite. It’s clear from the name that these pests thrive on damp wood. Although they typically live outside, several species are known to invade buildings after a plumbing leak or errant irrigation causes an area of surplus moisture.

The damage caused by Dampwood termites is not regarded as significant economically. The solution is to eliminate the source of the moisture. However, to effectively avoid and eradicate Dampwood termites, accurate identification and strategies are required.

Identify Dampwood Termites 

Dampwood termites are cream-colored to brown. Dampwood termites are usually 1/2″–5/8″ long. Dampwood termites have a pronotum as wide as their heads, like Drywood termites. Dampwood termites are most common in trees, fence posts, and utility poles. If Dampwood termites are identified, an arborist can assess tree damage and viability. Dampwood termites weaken tree branches by destroying dead xylem tissue but leaving the cambium undamaged.

Dampwood Termite Prevention

Avoid pests like Dampwood termites by ensuring that no standing water is present around or inside the house. Ensure any dripping water from air conditioners or sinks is directed away from the house’s structure and timber. Fix any roof leaks immediately, and make sure the gutters are in good working order. Detect the presence of Dampwood termites in the wooden playground and security fences by inspecting the sprinkler system.

Timber severely destroyed by termites might have to be replaced with new, undamaged wood. When fighting with Dampwood termites, borate treatments are occasionally utilized. These items can be easily absorbed in damp environments because they are water-soluble. Fumigation may eliminate a Dampwood termite infestation in unusual and specific cases. 

How Dangerous Are Dampwood Termites?

Dampwood termites frequently degrade structures by hollowing down support beams. This can result in expensive repairs and a great deal of frustration. Because these pests are stealthy and secretive, Dampwood termite activity is difficult to detect until it is severe.

Instead of building mud tunnels, Dampwood termites simply use their own excrement to seal off their entry points. Because Dampwood termites infest wood with a high moisture content, the fungus can destroy the wood they infest. A Dampwood termite infestation, as one might imagine, frequently suggests wood degradation and leaks that cause excessive moisture in the home.


After the management, a technique is proven effective and eradicates the Dampwood termites, and we advise using a product to prevent future infestations. This is done using a chemical barrier. To check for termite activity, you can install termite monitoring stations around your property. Using these tools and drying up the wood will go a long way toward preventing Dampwood termite infestations.

Final Thoughts

When the situation calls for it, try hiring professionals to help relieve your problems regarding pests and pest extermination. AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control is pleased to provide excellent extermination services to customers in and around the extensive service area we’ve established. Since the prompt resolution of pest control issues is essential to you, we make it a point to respond quickly to calls and work efficiently.

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