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Drywood Termites, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our team knows how to effectively deal with drywood termites, eliminating their colony completely.

Drywood termites fall under the family Kalotermitidae classification, and they do a lot of damage when they take up residence on your property. These termites are typically somewhere between dark brown and yellowish-tan in color and measure about three-eighths to one-half inch in length. Similar to other termite species, the dry wood termite organizes itself into a caste system. A queen termite establishes a location for a colony and begins laying eggs. Queens might take up residence in the rafters of a home or outdoors underneath a deck made of wood.

When the eggs hatch, the worker termites begin eating wood and bringing pieces back to support the colony. A colony can expand very rapidly, particularly when it goes undisturbed and the workers have access to wood to eat. One difference between drywood and subterranean termites is the layers of wood each species eats. Drywood termites eat across the grain of wood, destroying the harder old growth and softer new growth, while subterranean termites tend to leave the harder layers behind. The presence of drywood termites is especially worrisome because they can cause extensive damage very quickly.

Although drywood termites aren’t found everywhere, they are common in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. Our team at AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control knows how to effectively deal with drywood termites, eliminating their colony completely. We want to ensure that your structure is protected against the major damage they can cause, so we’ll determine an effective treatment plan for your drywood termite problem on our first visit. Contact us to learn more or schedule a service at your home.

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