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Does Rodent Exclusion Work

When rodents invade your home, you will go to any length to get rid of them. While setting out dozens of mouse traps can effectively catch a few intruders, they will not solve your rodent problem. Rodent exclusion is the most effective way to eliminate an infestation in your home or business. It reduces the conditions that may attract rodents to your property, preventing future infestations.

What You Should Know About Rodent Exclusion

Rodents cause extensive damage to your home and carry a variety of diseases that affect both humans and animals. As a result, it is critical to keep unwanted visitors away from the house. This can be accomplished through rodent exclusion, which consists of three steps: inspection, exclusion, and elimination.

How to Keep Rodents Away from the House

The Inspection

Rodent infestations are not all the same. This is because rodents are very intelligent and learn from their own mistakes. A thorough inspection of your home’s interior and exterior is required before developing an effective rodent exclusion plan.

  • This entails locating potential entry points in the soffit and fascia, as well as A/C or power lines.
  • Keep an eye out for conditions allowing rodents to enter the attic, such as tree limbs and foliage touching the house and roof.
  • Following the inspection, you will be given an estimate and action plan to eliminate the infestation.

The Rodent Exclusion Procedure

Once the entry points have been identified, rodents will not be able to gain access through them again.

  • Steel wool, spray foam, and chicken wire – are used to keep rodents out and can be applied to the roof, sides of the house, and inside the attic. This ensures that any conducive conditions discovered during the inspection are addressed.
  • Tree branch trimming away from the house or other foliage eliminates another entry point for rodents and pests. The main goal is to secure the home from any entry points that rodents could use to gain access.


When the exclusion work is finished, the rodents in the attic will be trapped. This is the time when we put rodent traps in the attic.

  • The most common locations for rodent traps in a home are the attic space above the garage, the master bedroom closet, and the house’s exterior wall that faces away from the garage.
  • The process will take two to four weeks, giving you enough time to remove the rodents from the attic safely.
  • Good communication is essential between the homeowner and the technician. Do they notice any noises in the attic, particularly at night? This is a practical question for the technician to ask the homeowner to help them ensure complete infestation elimination.

Rodent Exclusion and Elimination completed

We remove all traps from the attic after a reasonable amount of time has passed without any rodents being caught. The house is inspected one last time to ensure that the exclusion work is secure and that there are no new potential entry points. We guarantee the exclusion work for a year and inspect the original exclusion work to ensure its security.


Rodent exclusion is one of the most effective methods of providing complete rodent control. Although mouse traps and other baits or traps are effective at catching rodents, they are not always the most effective way to eliminate the infestation or keep it from returning. Contact AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control today to learn more about our rodent exclusion services and to set up your initial inspection.

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