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Does Pest Control Get Rid Of Mice

Mice pose dangers to both humans and material structures. House mice are most likely to be the source of your mouse infestation. These are notorious for chewing through walls and floors and destroying electrical wiring within those walls. Mice are also vectors for various diseases, which can be transmitted through contact with their feces or urine or even contaminated food.

Fortunately, there are pest control professionals who get rid of mice by following specific protocols that have been outlined in great detail. They use successful methods in dealing with various mouse species and infestation levels. 

Let’s take a look at the methods that they have in place.

Removal Of Entry Points

It’s the first step an honest pest control company will take in its process. A mice exterminator will examine your home’s interior and exterior, determine the entry points, and seal them with sheet metal, wire mesh, or hardware cloth. The exterminator will ensure the seal is properly sealed to stop mice from entering or leaving—pipes and vents may be some of these entry points.

Setting Up Traps

The next step is for the mouse exterminator to strategically place traps in your basement, kitchen, attic, bedroom, and bathrooms. They employ a variety of live capture traps, including glue traps, snap traps, and others. This technique aids in the management of a more manageable mouse infestation. This method will aid in bringing down the number of mice in a significant infestation.

Bait Stations

In contrast to traps, which capture mice alive, bait stations kill the mice placed in them. Bait stations use the strategy of offering readily available poisoned treats for the mice to consume and perish. After a few days, the mice exterminator returns to remove the bodies of dead mice, preventing hygienic issues and unpleasant odors from afflicting the house. With this method, mice are eliminated more quickly and in smaller numbers.

Remove Food Sources

Don’t leave food in store-bought bags; instead, store it in airtight containers. Mice easily chew through these. In the refrigerator and pantry, store all boxed foods in airtight containers that are not easily accessible. Additionally, you should purchase trash cans with lids and regularly bleach them to ensure no tempting food scraps attract mice. 


The pest control technique of fumigation works well to get rid of mice. When all other extermination methods fail to get rid of mice, this is the method that mice exterminators turn to as a last resort. This expensive, risky method may force you and your family to leave the house for a few days or weeks.


Mice infestations are difficult to manage and can take months to eradicate, but pest control makes things much more manageable. Contact AAA Assassin Enterprise Pest Control if you have mice problems in your home. Our team has dealt with these issues before, and they have the necessary training and equipment to keep themselves, you, and your family safe while eliminating the mice problem in your home. Call us right away!


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