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Can Disinfectant Spray Kill Bed Bugs

When bed bugs infest your home, don’t underestimate these bloodsuckers. They have the potential to multiply into millions of tiny sucking insects, which can have serious consequences for your overall health. Most people want to know how to get rid of bedbugs and, more importantly, whether a disinfectant spray will kill bed bugs. Continue reading to find out.

Can You Tell Me The Warning Signs Of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, brownish, flat insects that feed on human blood at night. They can crawl into your bed and hide in furniture cracks or crevices. If you have an infestation, you may notice the following symptoms:

  •  Itching all over your body, particularly on your legs, arms, and back.
  •  You have small red welts on your skin.
  •  Dark spots on the sheets or mattress are caused by bloodstains.
  •  Tiny eggs with the appearance of clear blisters on the mattress, sheets, or furniture.
  •  Actual bed bugs.

Where Can You Find Bed Bugs?

With their tiny, flat bodies, bed bugs can fit into almost any crack or crevice larger than 2 millimeters.

They hide in mattress seams, furniture joints, cracks and crevices in walls and baseboards, and even inside electrical outlets or along the folds of curtains. You should thoroughly inspect these areas for the aforementioned early signs of bed bugs.

Can Disinfectant Spray Prevent Bed Bugs?

According to reports, when used directly on bed bugs, Lysol can kill them. On the other hand, disinfectant sprays have been shown in controlled studies to be ineffective in eradicating bed bugs.

Although disinfectant spray kills bed bugs on contact, it does not repel them. This is due to bed bugs being attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. Because disinfectant spray does not contain carbon dioxide, it will not repel bed bugs.

What Effect Does Disinfectant Spray Have on Bed Bugs?

Disinfectant spray can be used to suffocate bed bugs. Bed bugs are difficult to eradicate, but several sprays are available to help. Only use the disinfectant spray if it is labeled with the proper instructions. The average bed bug can go a year without meals. As a result, you must be extremely precise when spraying. Spray all cracks, crevices, and any furniture or bedding that could harbor an insect.

Bed bug control with a disinfectant spray is a safe and effective method. If you want to use a spray, ensure it works well for you and feels comfortable on your skin. Various sprays are available, so make sure they work well for you. If you are not comfortable doing this alone, you should consider hiring a pest control company to assist you.

Final Thoughts

If you suspect a bed bug infestation, it’s best to call in the pros. AAA Assassin Enterprises Pest Control will be able to correctly identify the infestation and provide you with a treatment plan to permanently eliminate the bed bugs. We’ll also be able to keep future infestations at bay by offering you ongoing maintenance plans. Don’t wait any longer if you’re experiencing a bed bug infestation; get in touch with us now.

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